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Penang is famous for its sandy beaches, clear blue sea and delicious variety of dishes. The gastronomy fest here is shaped from its melting pot culture that combines a mix of traditional Chinese that merged with Indonesian cuisine, Malay delicacies, Nyonya gourmet food, Indian namkeen and Western bonne bouche. Any well-designed home here would then need to implement the island’s charm into its interior. Although this residential condominium is of the same layout as most high-rise homes, the designers have cleverly partitioned the living and dining spaces with a bi-fold aluminium glass door that provides privacy and clear distinction of each common area. Contemporary in furnishing, the dining room’s mood is influenced by its black walls and door on one end. The other wall showcases an artistic geometrically painted wall in white, black and teal green. Set in dark brown wood and olefin fabric wingback chairs with a white and black table sets the scene for a romantic and classy experience. The kitchen that’s just behind deeply contrasts with its white surfaces painted walls, laminated built-in cabinets and cement carpet tile worktop. A glossy light grey backsplash and light grey washing machine balances the look in this area and adds a polished finish. Walking into a casual and cool sunset beach vibe, this breezy area is furnished with an olefin fabric sofa, blue striped Martez wallpaper and a painted black wall. The bright yellow, tropical throws and illumination of full-length natural sunlight brightens the room like a heartwarming smile. The master bedroom follows the same colour scheme as the common areas. The black painted wall features a single tropical green painting facing the rest of the neutral-coloured space – white walls and bedding, upholstered beige headboard on black wood, and matching painted wardrobe. Adding to the theme are modern wall lampshades in black and bright hues. Moving to a lighter palette, the second bedroom is covered only in white walls, white wall-mounted shelves and light beige natural wood with painted teal green that runs from the headboard to side tables and book cabinet. The bedding complements the rest of its interior with beige leather. Finally, the study uses a dark navy-blue feature wall against white furniture and walls that gives the room added depth. Reusing similar furnishing, the sturdy wingback chair is of dark brown wood and olefin fabric with a bright yellow throw that adds to the natural light in this small room.