Summerskye Residence

A Contemporary Muji design is found in this condominium home with a cool and neutral color palette filled with light browns, grays, and white which brings out the airy and spacious feel. The living room speaks of comfort and coziness with the plush sofa and decorative pillows. Straight lines form a motif in the wooden panel the TV is hanging on. This geometric motif will be found in other spaces of the home, creating a cohesive design story. The kitchen itself is bright and spacious with plenty of counter space and cabinets for storage. Lights are installed under the top cabinets to light up the counters for increased efficiency and ease in the kitchen. Functionality and aesthetics are perfectly balanced. Throughout the home, we used green plants to break off the monotony of the space while adding a touch of life. All in all, this is a harmonious and serene home, graced with modern sensibilities.

| Residential : Condominium |
| Location: Summerskye Residence @ Bayan Lepas |
| Area: 1100 sqft |
| Completion year: 2022 |