How We Work

About 7 years experience of work, we developed a convenient and systematic process for working on projects.

To get started, you need to conduct through preparation. As a rule, we hold one or several meetings with the client, during which we find out his wishes and requirements for future design.

The execution process involves creating a virtual 3D model of the object in real size, which allows you to most accurately evaluate the result. This format is convenient for both the contractor and the client.

After creating a 3D model of the room, we present the result to the customer. During the presentation, recommendations on the implementation of the project from designers are also voiced.

Working on the project, we simultaneously create a specification of the equipment, finishing materials and furniture used in the project.

Work on the project does not end at the stage of approval of the package of drawings and visualization. During the construction works, we control all key processes: from the quality of the work performed and the timing of furniture delivery to timely settlement.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Of Our Work

In the interior design, just like in chess. Every step is fateful and important. If you do not think through the steps in advance, which can make mistakes, which will be visible only at the final stage. This is why we control the quality of fulfilling the order during all the stages.

Attention To The Details

Design is not limited with the arrangement of furniture and lighting elements. In order to get a good result, every internal space should have the right shape and colour and be placed correctly.

Costing! We Help You Save Money

With the right approach, you will receive an album with visualizations drawings and a completed interior, created due to the project. Our service include: picking the materials, furniture and lighting. Our discount conditions allow you to buy materials and furniture more beneficially.

Using New Technologies

The world does not stand still – and we offer you to do the same thing. The projects of our company are fulfilled considering the latest techniques and tendencies in design, taking into account their comfortability for the customer.

Beautiful + Comfortable

We agree, that aesthetics in design is very important. However, interior design also influences living conditions. We do our best to make our projects both stylish and comfortable. We fulfill our work based on these principles.