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Novec Holm DC75

Selasih Court in Tanjong Tokong is an E&O low-medium cost housing project that is targeted for lower-income citizens. Enjoying the indulgence of the cool breeze and a seafront view, Novec Holm Design has taken this humble HDB flat and transformed it into an exquisite home.

Calling it ‘A Subtle Transformation,’ this home contains hints of sophistication without changing the main layout and materials. Stepping into the foyer is to be greeted with a simple yet cosy interior with touches of greenery in every area. The walls and ceiling have been painted pure white to reflect natural light and give the illusion of a larger space.

A white marble laminate dining table with luxurious dark blue wing back chairs is the first furnishing that stands against a wall. Here, track spotlights are used to brighten the dining space. Further in is a comfortable entertainment area. A plush two-seater beige sofa is set against one end of wall. On the other, the designers have wallmounted a black TV panel for a chic finish. To ensure nothing cramps up the space, white blinds have been used to both help stream in natural light and provide shade from the sun.

Creating a distinct separation of space, the floor of the kitchen and yard uses black ceramic tiles and is matched with polished black appliances and black painted cabinetry. Most of the kitchen however, is covered in white ceramic tiles and white laminate surfaces. Warm kitchen cabinet lighting is used throughout the kitchen and yard to provide space-saving floodlights.

Into the bedroom, the split paint walls provide visual depth without compromising on space. The upper half is in white to better reflect light, while the light grey paint is used up to standard height. Floating shelves in black and grey are installed to provide storage space around the dark grey bed frame that compliments the black floor tiles.

Through a rectangular arch, the homeowners have direct access to an urbane walk-in wardrobe. A mix of open concept clothing storage and fitted wardrobe line both sides of this narrow space. Walking down the aisle of subtle elegance, a wall-mounted vanity with halflength mirror reflects the room’s blind-dressed windows. A mixture of natural wood and white painted surfaces with warm hidden lights are used here to ensure a bright and airy ambience. Ventilation is provided in the form of a mini black ceiling fan that faces the vanity.

Combining the colour palette of this home, the bathroom uses beige textured wall tiles that sit gracefully on black floor ceramic. Understanding the need to keep the water closet dry, a glass shower partition is erected to segregate the wet and dry areas. Little elements of practicality can be found here in the form of a round black framed mirror and built-in shelves. Emanating a quiet luxury, you never would’ve guessed this space is for the lower-income demographic. Great design is for everybody.